What is Full Spectrum Hemp Oil?

A full spectrum hemp oil simply contains the full spectrum of hemp’s most active ingredients. Intuitive enough, right? 

These active ingredients include cannabinoids (CBD, THC, and others), terpenes, flavonoids, chalcones, fatty acids, and more. It’s estimated that hemp contains over 300 beneficial plant compounds — and premium Full Spectrum oil contains many of them.

If you were to analyze mature hemp flower in the lab, for example, you’d see something like this: 

  • Biomass 77%
  • CBDa 18%
  • Pinene: .6%
  • Linalool: .3%
  • THCa .3%
  • CBGa .3% or less
  • Ocimene: .3% or less

In addition to these top ingredients are hundreds of others, although most  of them are present in only trace amounts. All of these compounds are important — scientists have found they synergize to become greater than the sum of their parts through a phenomenon called the Entourage Effect

Full Spectrum Hemp Oil: The Many Benefits 

Some hemp extracts harness the Entourage Effect better than others. While many products exist in Broad Spectrum, or Isolates, only Full Spectrum extracts fully measure up (as nature intended). 

Our customers can tell the difference in Toast products (and you can too)!