CBD & Indica

Cannabis comes in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Some strains are short and bushy; others are wispy and tall. Some strains smell like citrus; others feature earthy smells like pine! 

To make sense of it all, cannabis has been placed into two distinctive categories: Indica and Sativa. We’ll be taking a look at Cannabis Indica here...

What is Cannabis Indica?

Cannabis Indica is the scientific name for the Indica species of cannabis. Plants designated as Cannabis Indica are short, dense, and usually more resinous than their Sativa counterparts.  

In a highly symbolic twist, Indicas are the ‘downers’ of the cannabis world. They may lead users towards relaxation, sedation, and colder body temperature — which actually could lead to some short-term energy accumulation. Nature is funny sometimes. 

Where did Cannabis Indica come from?

Cannabis Indica is thought to have originated in Eastern Asia and the Middle East. It tends to favor warmer, more humid growing climates. 

How much CBD do Indica’s contain?

There’s no easy answer to this one. That’s because the Indica/Sativa designation doesn’t actually imply much about a plant’s THC or CBD content. Before selective cannabis breeding took off, it might’ve — but today Indicas can be either THC or CBD dominant.  THC-dominant Indica’s may contain less than 1% CBD, while CBD dominant ones may contain 10-25%. Indica’s of both varieties tend to be slightly richer in cannabinoids than Sativa’s are. 

Indicas don’t contain a predictable amount of terpenes either, though they may be rich in citrus terpenes like limonene and relaxing terpenes like myrcene. Remember, today’s Indica’s are classified more by their sedating effect than by anything else. 

What are Indica’s like to smoke? 

Indica’s are almost always heavily relaxing. They tend to encourage rest and contemplative thinking. They’re also responsible for the cannabis-induced “couch-lock” you’ve probably heard about (or personally experienced). 

Finally, Indicas are a favorite of those with sleep problems — though individual results may vary and some people actually experience the opposite effect. If you could use some rest, you might consider trying an Indica for yourself.

Are there other types of cannabis? 

Yes. In addition to Cannabis Indica, Cannabis can also be classified as Sativa. A third variety, Cannabis Ruderalis, also exists, though it’s less common and less well-known.