CBD Oil 

CBD oil is all the rage recently. 

But do you know why it’s gotten so popular? If not, we’re here to help.

CBD Oil is an oil containing its namesake, the non-intoxicating cannabis compound CBD (cannabidiol). Concentrated CBD Oil is commonly used as the active ingredient in cannabis tinctures, vaporizers, topicals, capsules, edibles and other products. 

Most CBD oils are comprised of two main parts:

  • A hemp extract (rich in CBD, usually rich in other hemp compounds)
  • A carrier oil (at Toast we use MCT oil for humans, salmon oil for cats, and flaxseed oil for dogs!)

A CBD oil’s hemp extract is where the magic happens. Our extracts come straight from the resinous flowers of mature hemp plants. They’re rich in CBD, other cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, other phenols, and more. 

Many hemp extracts (especially those of the full spectrum variety) are very chemically diverse. Hemp contains a unique blend of over 300 plant compounds — researchers have called it a “treasure trove” for our health and wellness.  [1] The best CBD oils, in theory, will contain as many of these compounds as possible. 

On the other hand, a CBD oil’s carrier oil is also important. Without it, CBD products would be dense, messy, and way too strong! Most CBD oils use a healthy fat like olive oil as their carrier. MCT oil, which is derived from coconuts, is also increasingly used. 

How Is CBD Oil Made?

CBD oil production is usually a pretty straightforward process. Most manufacturers simply stir precise amounts of hemp extract and carrier oil together to make each product batch. More advanced techniques like emulsification and homogenization can also be used to make sure everything is mixed evenly. 

Another thing to keep in mind: CBD oils can be placed into a few different categories according to how they process hemp compounds out...or leave them in:

  • Full Spectrum CBD Oil | contains as many of hemp’s most active ingredients as possible, including trace THC (.3% or less, as stated in the Federal farm bill).
  • Broad Spectrum CBD Oil | contains almost all of hemp’s most active ingredients...just not THC. Broad Spectrum Oils may also be lacking other hemp compounds.
  • Isolate CBD Oil | contains 95%+ CBD... and none of hemp’s trace compounds. Before being mixed, CBD isolate itself is a crystalline powder.

Other types of CBD oil include CBD distillate, cold-pressed CBD oil, and CBD-infused oil. But they’re much less common than any of the above! 

How Do I Use CBD Oil? 

CBD Oil is meant to be taken consistently. It comes with a single-serving dropper that makes finding the right dose easy! Simply take CBD oil as you’d take any other sublingual supplement.