Hemp Seed Oil

For something as healthy as it is, hemp seed oil sure has caused a lot of confusion. Does it contain CBD? Is it similar to hemp oil...is it the same as hemp oil? 

We don’t blame consumers for asking questions — the world of hemp terminology can indeed get complicated. Part of our motivation for making this glossary is to help clear all the confusion up.

What Is Hemp Seed Oil?  

Hemp seed oil is an oil formed from pressing the seeds of the hemp plant. Because of its many health benefits, hemp seed oil is commonly used in skincare and food products. 

This oil is high in omega 3’s (like alpha-linolenic acid), 6’s (like linoleic acid), and 9’s. What’s more, hemp seed oil contains a perfect 1:3 ratio of omega 3 to omega 6. [1] Another fatty acid, called GLA, has been correlated to lower body weight. Hemp seed oil’s fatty acid content means it’s beneficial to the skin and helps support immunity. Finally, hemp seed oil is also rich in fat-soluble vitamins like vitamin E.

Hemp Seed Oil vs. Hemp Oil

In other words, hemp seed oil is totally different from hemp oil. Both come from hemp, and both have health benefits, but that’s about where the similarities end. There are no significant levels of cannabinoids in hemp seed oil — it lacks both CBD and THC. For this reason, hemp seed oil is the least preferred type of hemp extract. 

If it’s helpful you can think of hemp oil/CBD oil as hemp flower oil. Only hemp’s flowers contain its most active ingredients. Only hemp’s flower provides a rich source of the CBD we’ve come to know and love.  

That said, some hemp oils do use hemp seed oil as their carrier oil. They might even call it “cannabis Sativa seed oil”. Confusing, right? Just beware of brands that try to pass off hemp seed oils as CBD or anything else they’re not. Unfortunately this type of marketing trickery is common on sites like Amazon.

What Are Hemp Seed Oil’s Uses? 

As mentioned, hemp seed oil makes a great carrier oil for hemp extracts and other botanicals. 

When cold-pressed and unrefined, hemp seed oil is green in color and nutty in flavor. It makes a perfect salad dressing, and can pretty much take the place of olive oil in any recipe. Hemp seed oil is also great for cooking, though it has a pretty low smoking point. And hemp seeds themselves are a great source of complete protein.

Overall, hemp is an amazingly diverse plant. Its derivatives are being explored for use as everything from building materials to fuels to superconductors! Hemp can even be used as a bioremediator after chemical disasters. 

Long story short, there’s nothing wrong with supplementing your hemp oil intake with a little bit of hempseed oil — who knows, maybe they’ll synergize a little.