There’s a new trend popping up within the world of skincare, and based on initial reactions from enthusiasts, nanotization might have what it takes to reach long term, widespread popularity.

What Does Nanotization mean?

Nanotization means “to make nano-sized.” All sorts of substances can be nanotized, including CBD, compounds like curcumin, and skin-centric molecules.

Nanotization’s Many Benefits

Nanotized compounds are almost always:

  • Faster-acting
  • Faster-absorbing
  • More bioavailable

Nanotization: How Does it Affect Bioavailability?

Many natural compounds, as amazing as they may be, have one major constraint: our bodies just aren’t equipped to fully absorb them. It’s a biochemical quandary of being so close, yet simultaneously so far! 

One study described the dilemma faced by turmeric’s active ingredient, curcumin: 

“Curcumin has the major disadvantage that it is insoluble in water and displays poor oral bioavailability as a result of low absorption. This limits the use of this phytochemical as a potential chemotherapeutic agent.”

There’s a solution, however: nanotize it! “Nanoparticle-mediated drug delivery systems have proven to be one of the finest drug delivery systems,” as the study put it.

And while the above study didn’t pertain specifically to skincare, the same concept applies there. Nanotization allows amazing molecules to achieve equally amazing absorption rates and allows your skin to look and feel amazing as a result.  

How to Use Nanotized Skincare

Nano-enhanced skincare products, like nano-enhanced CBD, allow already-great molecules to be absorbed more quickly and fully than ever.

Nanoparticles can be used in sunscreens, too. “Physical sunscreens” that feature nanotized particles (like titanium dioxide and zinc oxide) can achieve greater SPF ratings than non-nano ones.  And despite their small size, these particles don’t actually permeate the skin. A 2010 study done on real humans found that less than .01% of zinc oxide entered the bloodstream. 

In other words, nano-enhanced skincare products appear to be both super effective and completely safe. Regulatory agencies like the FDA agree.