Ah, the pre-roll. 

Just like sliced bread made enjoying gluten easier, the pre-roll marks a new era of convenience for hemp lovers everywhere. Sure enough, pre-rolls are changing the way we view hemp away from purely therapeutic realms. Now hemp can be fun.

What is a pre-roll? It’s a delivery mechanism to smoke hemp or cannabis...that’s, well, pre-rolled. Premium pre-rolls, such as Toast, are often rolled in hemp paper. Toast pre-rolls are also topped with a specially designed filter made of wood pulp. Toast pre-rolls contain no tobacco and no nicotine.

When Did Pre-rolls Become a Thing? 

The history of pre-rolls goes way back. People have been smoking rolled-up cannabis flower since the 1850s, in fact. Retail-ready cannabis pre-rolls came a few decades later. And by the early 1900s the creativity-boosting power of smoked cannabis was well-known. 

The hemp pre-roll, on the other hand, is a more modern invention. It comes on the heels of hemp’s legalization and 2018’s Federal farm bill. Even then, pre-rolls have quickly risen to take their share of the market...and this rise is only projected to continue into the future. 

Why Smoke Hemp?

The benefits are obvious, even at first glance: smoking hemp provides your body with all the plant’s goodness nearly instantaneously. Cannabinoids, terpenes, phenolic compounds, and more!

But the experience of smoking hemp is at least as important as the science. Sitting down to enjoy a pre-roll is immersively calming and relaxing! Even though hemp doesn’t contain appreciable THC, it’s not uncommon to experience a slightly ‘softer’ perception of time after smoking it, almost like your whole body is breathing out in a sigh of relief. Smoking a pre-roll might just become your favorite way to end the day. No intoxicating high required! 

There are still some important things to consider, though. Make sure the pre-rolls you’re getting are made from hemp flower and not low-quality biomass. You’ll get more CBD, and the taste will be better that way, too.

So, why smoke hemp? It has the highest bioavailability rate of any delivery method, for one. If you want to quickly get the effects of CBD. 

Maybe a better question is, why not smoke hemp? People have been doing so for thousands of years — and doing so via pre-roll for at least 150. [1]

Toast offers consumers a variety of products to enjoy throughout the day. While smoking is an enjoyable experience, we recommend balancing your consumption of Toast Emerald with our other form factors, including oils and supplements.