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Calming Tips and Relaxation Techniques For Reducing Anxiety and Stress

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One of our favorite relaxation techniques is indulging in high-quality CBD, and we find that combining your CBD dose with other calming methods can provide temporary relief from anxiety.

First things first: Take your CBD 

Hemp-derived CBD products are a great way to relieve temporary anxiety and negative emotions. When it comes to how much CBD you need to relax, it’s all a matter of individual preference and your body’s chemistry. Where your friend might prefer two of our CBD chocolate supplement squares to feel calm, you may only prefer to eat one. Maybe you find three full droppers of CBD oil makes you feel best, while your friend needs to smoke a pre-roll to relieve stress. No matter your method for consuming CBD, we always recommend to start low and slow and gradually increase as needed.

Knowing the right amount of CBD to take is crucial to reduce your symptoms of anxiety. Unlike marijuana, CBD doesn’t have a lot of THC. There is some THC in hemp-derived CBD, but not enough to make you high. 

Feeling sleepy will likely be your biggest side effect when consuming CBD products, but it’s important to monitor your body just in case anything else arises. If you notice yourself feeling sleepy, just back off the dosing a little and try again. You might also feel nothing, in which case, you may consider increasing your dosing after three weeks of consistent consumption. 

If you’re seeking fast relief, we recommend pre-rolls because of how quickly they work. Inhalation is the fastest method of delivery, whether you’re smoking CBD flower or high-THC cannabis. Like we said before, you won’t get high, even when you smoke CBD pre-rolls like Toast Emerald, but you will feel relaxed more quickly than with other methods. 

Once you have taken your CBD, give these other relaxation methods a try to further aid in keeping yourself calm and stress-free:

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Elevate Your Experience

Once you have taken your CBD, give these other relaxation methods a try to further aid in keeping yourself calm and stress-free:

1. Move your body.

When you’re stressed, working out can seem like the opposite of relaxation. Exercise is linked to promoting a calm sense of being according to various pieces of research. Getting the right kind of exercise and enough of it is the key to relaxing your body and mind. Science says aerobic exercise has been proven to calm emotions after about 20 to 30 minutes of movement with the calming effect sometimes several hours after wrapping up your workout.

Working out doesn’t have to be hard. You don’t even have to leave your house! There are plenty of easy and free workouts to follow online. Our top tip for beginners: Find a workout suited for beginners and stick to it for two weeks. Workout as often as you can and allow yourself to get stronger as you repeat the same muscle movements over and over again. Eventually, the workout will be easy for you to complete and you’ll feel accomplished and happy after getting your body moving.

If you don’t work out often, give yourself time to get used to it. Don’t give up after five or ten minutes, push yourself to meet that 20 minute mark even if you have to take a few breaks to get there. You will feel great for not giving up and putting your body to work. Exercising can make you feel strong, powerful, and in control of your body and mind.

2. Put the phone down.

It’s easy to use your phone to distract yourself from stressful feelings, and sometimes it’s okay to do. The problem is, you don’t always control everything you see and it’s draining to feel like you constantly need to keep up with what’s going on.

Though news alerts and social media notifications can be disabled, limiting the amount of time you spend on your phone is a more sustainable solution to calming your emotions. Stress hormones like cortisol and adrenaline are activated when we are getting constant stimulation from the phone. So we’re constantly on “high alert”, making us feel stressed and anxious.

Research says when our sympathetic nervous system is activated, which happens when we receive alerts on our phone, it takes 30 minutes to go back to baseline. The problem is, our phones are going all day long and it’s not often we get even 30 minutes between each notification or alert. Data tells us Americans unlock their phone between 100 to 105 times per day.

If you need to calm down, commit to a minimum one hour without looking at your phone, TV, or computer, and do something else instead until you feel better. This is a great short and long-term way to combat stressful emotions.

3. Clean your living space.

Ever heard the saying, “Messy house, messy mind”? Cleaning the house, or even your car or bedroom, is a great way to shift your focus towards productivity. Research shows a cluttered space leads to confusion, tension, irritability, and anger. Studies show women with messy or cluttered homes had higher levels of cortisol than women who have an organized home.

Not to mention, the act of cleaning itself has been shown to have meditative effects. Your physical health gets a boost, and it gives you control of your environment, which is exactly what anxiety is: Stress over things you can’t control. Clean sheets and making your bed have been associated with getting a better night’s rest, which can also improve your stress.

If you aren’t motivated to clean, try turning on your favorite podcast or a cleaning motivation video online. It takes a few minutes to get into the groove, but once you do, you will want to finish the job.

Setting a timer is another great way to motivate yourself to clean the space around you. Try setting a timer for 15 minutes. For the whole 15 minutes, see how much you can get done. Once you’re done, you might find the entire room has transformed in only 15 minutes. Focus on picking up trash first, then move to another category like clothes, shoes, or dishes. Breaking your cleaning into categories can help your tasks feel more manageable.

Cool, calm, and collected

Everyone has to start somewhere, and the above tips are only the beginning of your CBD wellness journey. It’s important to also reflect on what your personal goals are, write them down, make a plan for how to achieve them, and start checking off that list. We find that organizing your life whether it be through cleaning your physical space or your mental one truly leads to a calmer lifestyle. Adding CBD to the mix will only help enhance your focus and personal tranquility.

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