Cannabis Culture: Interview with Chelsey Yearwood, Toast Ambassador

Cannabis Culture: Interview with Chelsey Yearwood, Toast Ambassador

There is no doubt that the cannabis and hemp industries are blossoming. Not only is the once male-dominated industry flourishing, but it has seen the most growth among women. According to the Cannabis Consumers Coalition (CCC), 53% of women have tried cannabis, whereas just 42% of men have reported using it. The passing of the 2018 Farm Bill, which legalized the growing of hemp on a federal level, shone a light on the wellness benefits of the plant taking away the stoner tropes used in movies like Pineapple Express, and shuttled cannabis into the world of health and beauty.

CBD seems to be everywhere you look from tinctures to edibles to topical creams, and women are finding stress relief in THC products, as well. Not only are women enjoying the full spectrum benefits of cannabis and hemp, but they are also finding a purpose and place working in the cannabis industry.  

We talked to Chelsey Yearwood, Toast’s Brand Ambassador, about her experiences in the cannabis industry, her passion for wellness, and how she sees it affecting and helping women like herself.

Tell us your background in cannabis. What brought you to the industry, and what do you do currently?

Prior to being connected to Toast, I worked at Vireo Health (MS0) as the New York Sales & Marketing Manager launching Wholesale distribution throughout New York state. My passion for the healthcare ecosystem, love for culture, and my experience in Big Pharma and HealthTech brought me into the industry.

What cannabis products do you find to be most beneficial for women? What are some of their benefits? *

I personally love to use potent and premium topicals after a rigorous workout, or during that time of month. I find that my body feels relief. I have not tried suppositories yet, but I have heard from pharmacists and doctors in New York that many women find relief using them during that time of month.

What are your favorite cannabis products to use personally and to recommend to friends?

I generally like to keep the plant as it is: flower. I typically recommend quality tinctures and my favorite topical to my friends.

Do you feel that women's use of cannabis products differs from that of men? How so or why not?

Myself and my girlfriends typically consume more cannabis during our menstrual cycle to help with cramps and other symptoms.

Though the cannabis industry is rapidly changing, what problems in the industry and related legislature do you feel still need reform?

Every state operates completely differently. As the industry develops, I hope that learnings from each program can be incorporated to create a more consistent overall patient/consumer experience in the U.S.

What can be done to support more women in this industry, and to make the industry a more inclusive place in general?

That is a great question! It starts with the intent of leadership to foster an inclusive and diverse environment. From my experience, diversity of thought  and talent leads to greater consumer engagement and overall business growth.

For any women interested in getting into the cannabis industry, can you share any words of advice?

Stay persistent, and stay resilient. It is a marathon not a sprint.

What women have inspired you in your career, in the cannabis industry, and in your life in general?

My mom, Jennie Leuzardar for her support and mentorship, and any womxn that continues to pursue their dreams throughout adversity.

What are your favorite Toast products and why?

The Toast Fine & Raw Chocolate Supplements are my favorite. I love how delicious the raw chocolate is. Plus I like the dosing options (20mg) (100mg). 



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*Use cases may vary. Consult your medical doctor before starting any pain management program.

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