The Whole Plant

Cannabis Culture: Interview with Zola Bakes Founder, Samantha Zola

Toast is taking celebrating life in full spectrum literally with our newest partnership with Zola Bakes. Zola Bakes X Toast Rainbow Cookies are a technicolor dream dripping with flavor, and Toast w...

How the Cannabis Industry Made This Father a Better Parent

Parenting has never been easy, but now with the Covid-19 pandemic, parenting stress has been at an all time high. We spoke with Toast Sales Manager, Jeff Kennedy, a father of two and a grandfather,...

Cannabis Culture: Interview with Toast Co-Founder and CEO, Punit Seth

In honor of Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage month, Toast CEO and co-founder, Punit Seth shares his background regarding his family's journey to the United States, his passion for the canna...

Toast Diary: How One Mom’s CBD Routine Keeps Her Grounded

Being a mom, medical marijuana patient, and in the cannabis industry myself as a writer, CBD is part of my daily routine. I swapped my usual CBD oil routine with Toast, and kept a diary of the fir...

420 History: The Cannabis Holiday Explained

April 20th is the day for cannabis enthusiasts everywhere, but it wasn’t always a national holiday. There are many theories, but only one true origin to 420. Read on to learn the history of 420.

Cannabis Culture: Interview with Chelsey Yearwood, Toast Ambassador

Chelsey Yearwood, Toast’s Brand Ambassador, tells us about her experiences as a woman in the cannabis industry, her passion for wellness, and how she sees it affecting and helping women like herself.

The History of Cannabis and Women

Though the world of cannabis might seem like a boys club, women are no strangers to appreciating and using the plant. March is Women’s History Month, so we’re taking the opportunity to shine a lig...

Let Equality Bloom: Honoring Women's History Month Through Giving

In honor of Women’s History Month, we’re donating 20% of March’s sales to the Women’s Prison Association to empower women affected by incarceration.
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