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Cannabis Culture: Interview with Zola Bakes Founder, Samantha Zola

Cannabis Culture: Interview with Zola Bakes Founder, Samantha Zola

Toast is taking celebrating life in full spectrum literally with our newest partnership with Zola Bakes. Zola Bakes X Toast Rainbow Cookies are a technicolor dream dripping with flavor, and Toast wants you to feel as good as these cookies taste. Each cookie is infused with Toast Full Spectrum Hemp Extract providing the calming benefits of CBD while your tastebuds get a treat.

Zola Bakes founder, Samantha Zola began her career in iconic NYC bakeries, Épicerie Boulud and Magnolia Bakery, before she sought out a cookie of a different color by starting her own rainbow cookie business. Inspired by the bakeries of Little Italy, Zola took the traditional almond-based sponge cake and jam confection a step further by customizing it with every color of the rainbow and with even richer flavor options.

We got the dish from Samantha herself on what brought her this spark of genius, and why she chose to enhance her baked goods with Toast.  Zola Bakes X Toast Rainbow Cookies with CBD

What is your background and how did you get into baking?

I grew up on Long Island eating rainbow cookies at every family event. I always loved to bake but didn’t consider doing it as a career until after college. Once I graduated from Binghamton University, I decided to follow my passion and go to The French Pastry school of Chicago. I came back to New York and worked as a pastry cook for Epicerie Boulud. Later, I worked at Magnolia Bakery where I started as a baker and worked my way up to General Manager. 

Why did you decide to focus on rainbow cookies?

After moving to Miami with my husband for his medical residency, I got homesick and decided to make a New York treat. I shared my rainbow cookies with other New York transplants who were raving about how good they were and that’s when Zola Bakes was born. 

You have so many fun colors and flavor combinations. What is your creative process?

I wanted to take the classic rainbow cookie and give it a well deserved upgrade. These moist rainbow cookies come in rainbow colors with a chocolate drip and fun sprinkles. I want to brighten someone’s day when they receive a box of Zola Bakes and to me these cookies are happiness.

What made you choose Toast as a CBD partner? Tell us about the Zola Bakes X Toast cookie.

I am passionate about creating products that will enhance someone’s day. For some that means hemp oil, so I infused the chocolate drip with the oil for a delicious hemp experience.


Toast is focused on the quality of our products, so it only made sense to partner with a baker who holds the same standards. All Zola Bakes confections are handmade in small batches using only the best ingredients. Add Toast’s brightly flavored USDA Certified Organic extracts, and you’ve got a luxurious dessert that’s got to be tasted to be believed.


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