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The Art and Science of CBD Mixology

The Art and Science of CBD Mixology

If you’re already a fan of CBD oil as a sublingual supplement, there’s no time like the present to get creative and start using your favorite oils as infusions. 

What might you infuse CBD oil into, exactly? We can’t think of a better vehicle than your favorite cocktail.  

If you need some help getting started, don’t worry—we’ve got some ideas. 


Mixology 101

People have been putting plants and herbs into their alcoholic beverages practically since time began.  Fast forward to now, and mixology connoisseurs are still on a quest to discover the perfect concoctions fusing alcoholic spirits with a host of complementary ingredients, from juices and bitters to herbs and spices. And guess what? Sometimes those mixes pair perfectly with CBD. 


CBD & Alcohol

Let’s start off with the physical effects of this pairing. Many sources believe CBD and alcohol actually amplify each other’s effects, and indeed, CBD does seem to inhibit the CP450 enzymes responsible for alcohol metabolism. This could allow alcohol to stay in the bloodstream for longer, therefore making you feel happier for longer, too. That said, we probably don’t have to remind you that it’s always important to stay mindful of how much alcohol you’re consuming, but in this case, you should also be aware that because the effects of each drink may last longer, you’ll want to pace yourself that much more.


CBD + Alcohol: The Upliftment Is Real

CBD-infused mixed drinks tend to make one feel really good. “On CBD, you’re very chill, very lighthearted, mellow. The alcohol will make that more intense,” neurology professor James Giordano tells Vice

“The more you drink, the more CBD you’re taking, you get a potentiated effect that's greater than the effect of either alone.”

The verdict is still out on exactly how much potentiation—AKA the increase in strength of nerve impulses—you should expect. Some studies have shown an 8-fold increase in THC’s bioavailability when it’s paired with alcohol, but it’s unclear if CBD and alcohol mixes would harness the same type of synergy. 

If you’re new to mixing CBD and alcohol, start slow—you can’t always predict exactly how substances might affect you, even if you’re an experienced CBD user. 


Our Favorite CBD-Infused Drink Recipes

Ready to give CBD mixology a go yourself? Start with the basics by leveling up your favorite classic cocktail with the power of CBD. There’s a drink for every flavor of Toast: 


Cold Pressed Lemon

Classic citrus pairs perfectly with a pretty much infinite list of cocktails, from simple and refined to elaborate and unexpected. Any recipe that already includes lemon (or lime) is an obvious choice, but a few drops of Toast Cold Pressed Lemon Oil can also punch up tropical or bitter drinks with a bit of unexpected zest.

Add it to your next: Gin & Tonic; Manhattan; Bloody Mary; Margarita; Whiskey Sour

Cold Pressed Orange

Bring out the flavors of orange-derived liquors with a few drops of Toast Cold Pressed Orange Oil, a source of limonene, the fragrant terpene known for its mood-boosting effects. It can blend seamlessly into fruity cocktails or add subtle brightness to stiffer drinks. 

Add it to your next: Negroni; Aperol Spritz; Old Fashioned; Margarita; Sangria; Tequila Sunrise


Like drinks that have a bit of a bite to them? Toast Cinnamon Oil brings a familiar spiciness that can instantly transform full-bodied classics into something truly unique. Don’t be afraid to shake things up (so to speak) when it comes to a standard recipe’s other ingredients either—adding apple cider to a Moscow Mule, for example, makes a hot weather fave feel festive for fall. 

Add it to your next: Sazerac; Old Fashioned; Sangria; Dark N’ Stormy; Moscow Mule; Whiskey Sour; Mulled Wine

Spiked Pumpkin

Whether your go-to coffee order in fall includes the phrase “pumpkin spice,” or you’ve got an experimental streak when it comes to cocktails, Toast Spiked Pumpkin Oil makes for an unexpected (but delicious) addition to drinks. It’s especially perfect for beverages that make you feel cozy—and the hit of CBD will only leave you feeling even more so.

Add it to your next: Irish Coffee; Mint Julep; White Russian; Spiked Cider