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Your Skin Will Love CBD — Here’s Why

Your Skin Will Love CBD — Here’s Why

CBD burst onto the skincare scene a few years ago, and it’s only getting more popular. Here’s why skincare advocates might be onto something big.

  • Our skin’s biggest weaknesses
  • Why conventional skincare often fails
  • CBD + your skin = bliss
  • CBD vs. your next night out

Our skin’s biggest weaknesses

Our skin is our largest organ, and it’s also the most important one. It serves as a protective barrier between all the important stuff on the inside and all the dangerous stuff on the outside. It’s our first line of defense. 

Protecting us is what our skin does easily for the first twenty or thirty years of their life. However, our skin becomes subject to an unbelievable amount of wear and tear. Over time, our skin is exposed to harmful fumes, rays and chemicals.

Essentially, our skin works hard to protect us so the rest of our system doesn’t have to. But at what cost?

Interesting enough, a huge one: aging. The skin is so heavily affected by life’s unrelenting wear and tear that you can gauge most people’s age by the appearance of their skin alone — kind of impressive.   

Identify the skin’s biochemical markers and you’ll find the very same thing. And if you know anything about skin then you know that over time inflammation goes up, oxidation goes up, and collagen production goes down. 

Why conventional skincare often fails

For years now, the skincare industry has tried its very best to help people overcome their skin’s weaknesses, largely by claiming to help treat inflammation, oxidation and collagen production. 

But have they really succeeded with that mission? Thousands of products have been created, and billions of dollars have been spent, but does the average person’s skin look any better for it? Just think: how many people do you know with radiant skin, people who look younger and healthier than most others their age?

Well, many in the health-conscious and skin-obsessed circles focus on achieving that optimal youthful glow, none have managed to find the fountain of youth. As for mass-market conventional skincare those larger companies haven’t cracked that nut either. 

But it’s not for lack of effort. Could it be because we’re collectively missing something, some sort of deeper underlying factor? We’d argue that’s exactly what’s going on — but more on this elusive factor a little later.  

For now let’s look at a few more of the skincare industry’s flaws. For starters, it’s way too complex, starting with endless list of pricey products using the latest buzz words like hyaluronic acid or terms like clean ingredients. How does the average person even know where to start? 

Then there’s the issue of toxins. Many skincare products are laden with less-than-safe ingredients. In fact, many ingredients are approved by the FDA, who oversees all cosmetics, but don’t let that fool you — U.S has significantly laxer quality standards than Europe. In cosmetics alone, the EU has restricted over 1,300 chemicals while the US has banned only about 11. Many skincare enthusiasts are exposing themselves to known dermatoxin at the same time that they try to improve their dermal health. There’s got to be a better way!  

CBD + your skin = bliss

“From a yogic perspective, good health starts within [...] you foster your inner beauty through the natural care of your body. [...] True beauty is the reflection of your inner self radiating and touching others” 
- Ntathu Allen, Yoga for Beginners

This article may have nothing to do with yoga, but we just couldn’t resist the above quote — it speaks volumes about that elusive missing factor mentioned earlier. 

Here’s what mass-market skincare isn’t doing: skincare products that only go skin-deep aren’t enough to transform your skin. 

CBD is only the beginning. Premium full-spectrum CBD products also contain trace cannabinoids like CBG and CBN, each of them with their own set of skin-centric benefits: CBG is known to be particularly helpful, the cannabinoid family’s version of a cleanser, while CBN cleanses and beautifies. 

Unlike many conventional skincare products, high-quality CBD-based skincare is natural. Many of its benefits point back to the fact that CBD-like endocannabinoids are already present throughout every part of your skin — in a sense CBD is helping your skin do what it already does, just even better. 

CBD vs. your next night out

We’ll be the first to admit that CBD should be seen as more than just a trendy buzzword. 

Apply some topical CBD or blend your favorite CBD oil with your favorite topical lotion and VOILA! You’ll be one step  closer to achieving that healthy glow. 

And to avoid getting into such a situation in the first place, opt for a CBD-infused cocktail next time.