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Toast Diary: How One Mom’s CBD Routine Keeps Her Grounded

Mother playing with children using blocks

I’ve tried a lot of CBD in my life. 

I’m a mom of three girls. Five, two, and one. I know, it’s crazy.

Being a mom, medical marijuana patient, and in the industry myself as a writer, CBD is part of my daily routine. When I learned Toast’s oils were USDA Certified Organic, I knew they’d immediately be different than most CBD oils out there. I eat a mostly-organic diet to reduce the inflammation associated with my ulcerative colitis, but certified organic isn’t always an option in the cannabis space, so Toast is a welcome breath of fresh air. I also have anxiety, and the general stress that comes with parenting is enough to make anyone an avid fan of CBD! 

I have a CBD routine already, so when I got my Toast shipment I just swapped the oil I was currently consuming for Toast! I decided to keep a diary of the first five days after making the switch to see if I could feel different benefits from my previous oil. Let’s just say I’ll be a lifetime consumer now.

Author, Kaitlin Domangue hugging her family: three daughters and husband
Writer, Kaitlin Domangue with her three daughters and husband

Before starting the “official” diary, I have to back it up though, because my real Day One of using Toast was the day I received my first package of Toast X Fine & Raw Chocolate Supplements. I immediately devoured them and savored the rich, chocolatey taste.

The chocolates are infused with the same USDA Certified Organic oils Toast offers. In addition to the CBD benefits, the chocolate is made of raw chocolate which contains a slew of great benefits like antioxidants, serotonin, zinc, and more. The chocolate supplements are great for winding down and resting. Each one has 20 total milligrams of full spectrum CBD oil, and gave me a calm feeling that led to a great nap right after I ate a square.

Diary: My First 5 Days of Toast CBD

Day 1 - New oil, new taste

On day 1, I took a full dropper of Toast Full Spectrum Hemp Extract in Cold Pressed Orange 500 milligram with my high-THC cannabis as soon as I woke up. I consume cannabis in the morning before my children wake up, and before the sun too! As a general rule, my preferred dose is a full dropper. 

The first thing I noticed about the Cold Pressed Orange is its mild taste. I don’t mean mild in a bad sense, because it’s a flavorful oil, but a lot of CBD oil is loaded with sugars and false flavors which overpowers the hemp taste and makes the oil almost taste like candy. I didn’t experience that with Toast.

Full spectrum oils are bitter to some people because they do contain the entire terpene profile of the hemp plant. Terpenes are responsible for the taste and smell associated with cannabis. That’s not always appealing to everyone, hence the flavors! Toast uses a base of coconut oil, which are then flavored with organic essential oils directly from the plant itself depending on the oil you select. In this case, essential oils from orange peels were used. I love the light and refreshing taste of the oils. I have ulcerative colitis and I’m usually nauseous in the mornings. The thought of swallowing anything is repulsive, so the mild, yet delicious flavor from the essential oils is something I appreciate. 

Day 2 - On the move assistance and a better night's rest

We went to church today and thanks to my digestive system, car trips induce nausea. The road to church has plenty of winding back roads to get sick on, so I brought my Cold Pressed Orange Oil with me and made sure to load up before the drive. I did my morning cannabis routine as mentioned in my first entry, but I know I’ll need more help with the car ride. 

I felt great arriving at church, but the drive home was a little harder. It didn’t help that everyone was hungry and my daughters took turns screaming about the various lunches they wanted to eat, so that induced my stress. I took another dose in the middle of the drive and felt pretty good once I got home. I had an awesome after-church nap with my kids and I’m fairly certain the extra dose of CBD had something to do with how refreshed I felt when I woke up! 


Night-time use: Tomorrow is Monday, so I doubled up on CBD before I went to bed. I wanted to make sure I’m well-rested to tackle the upcoming week. 

Day 3 - A working mom's work is never done

It’s Monday and Monday means it’s time to work! I usually work on the weekends, too, but I didn’t yesterday. All three of my children stay home with me during the day, so I am a stay-at-home mom, but am also a business owner and write content for businesses in the cannabis and CBD space. So, yeah, I juggle my three children under six and I work at the same time. Needless to say, I run through a lot of CBD. 

Today is loaded with calls for me and calls are the hardest thing to juggle with my kids. My clients are always so understanding, but I can get overwhelmed trying to keep them quiet and listen to important information about my client’s needs. I try to schedule them in the evening when my husband is off work (He’s a grower!), but that’s not always possible -- so CBD, holding my breath, and doing my best to remain calm is on the agenda for today. 


I finished all but one call today and so far, so good. I had some moments of stress, but I was able to recover quickly and keep a clear head while I listened to my clients. 

Oh, but let’s not forget the greek yogurt mess my daughter made on my kitchen table. Let’s just say she painted me a beautiful yogurt picture while I caught up on client emails, she had a nice long bath, and she’s never eating yogurt again. She’s already asked me for more and I’m low-key traumatized. I’ll probably take one more dose of oil before my next call, just to be safe. 

Day 4 - Shopping and CBD dropping 

Today is Tuesday! I’ve got a few articles to write and I need to hit the grocery store with the girls. I woke up super nauseous this morning thanks to my ulcerative colitis, so I smoked an Emerald pre-roll from Toast before the kids woke up. 

I’ll be honest, I hate smoking hemp. It’s always dry and burns hot to me. However, seeing Toast include a Boveda fresh pack in their pre-rolls, I knew it would immediately be different. And oh, how right I was. The pre-rolls were fresh, flavorful, and not at all dry. They smoked evenly and the taste was absolutely divine. A must-have for me now! 

CBD is always welcome on my grocery trips, but I took a double dose before hitting the store. With the impending stress of the day, I knew I’d need more of that warm fuzzy feeling, so I just had to try the Spiked Pumpkin flavor today. I don’t typically like having two packages of CBD oil open at once, because they are so precious and I want them fresh. However, the pumpkin was calling my name and I’m so thankful I opened it. This oil also has notes of cinnamon and ginger, which reminds me of a cozy fall day under a blanket with a good book -- even when it’s spring and I’m surrounded by people at the store.

It was insanely crowded, I’m not sure why because it’s Tuesday and avoiding people is the whole reason I work from home, but it’s fine and thanks to my CBD oil, I’m fine, too. 

I hit three different stores today because I’m a sucker for the best deals. I made sure to have a solid grocery list before leaving the house today, because I’m infinitely more stressed when I shop on a whim! My morning dose of CBD absolutely helped me focus on my shopping list, which, believe it or not, can be harder than it looks for five people. CBD is so versatile, I can use it for virtually every area of my life, and for that, I’m thankful. 


I’m home and about to write a few articles! I took a half-dose of CBD before starting, because I was feeling a little overwhelmed with work. I love my job, but like I always say: work is work and sometimes you just don’t want to work. I’m thankful for Toast’s oils because they gave me that extra push. 

Day 5 - Self-care day is here!

Today is a pretty relaxed day. I try to take one day a week for self-care and focusing on my household and really spending time with my kids. It’s been really busy over the last month as we gear up to move to our new house; my days have been more than full!  I have had to really force myself to stop and slow down at least one day a week or else I might burn out. It’s been a really great method so far, but nothing could have prepared me for the stress of moving with three young children! 

After packing a few boxes and cleaning my kitchen, I had lunch with the girls. I got DoorDash today to use as little energy as possible and refocus for the rest of the week. I got Panera Bread, or as we call it in St. Louis, St. Louis Bread Co. I had a huge bowl of their macaroni and cheese and finished it off with a chocolate square from Toast. My girls love my self-care days because they love eating great food too! It’s a great day off for us all. We watched a movie and I cleaned the house until dinner. 

Self-care during the day means a little at night too, so I smoked an Emerald pre-roll before going to sleep with my husband after the girls were in bed. He also made me some snickerdoodle cookies (his favorite, but I won’t say no to a cookie) and added a few drops of Toast’s cinnamon oil at the end of the bake. I know I’ll sleep great tonight! 

New to CBD?

Happy Mother’s Day. Give yourself the gift of low-stress this year. CBD definitely won’t stop your kid from spreading greek yogurt on the table, but it can sure help you stay calm while you clean it up. If you’ve never tried CBD before, here are some things to keep in mind: 

  • Start low and go slow until you learn your dose
  • Give it three weeks on the same dose, every single day before deciding you need more
  • If you are taking prescription medications, have a chat with a cannabis-educated physician or nurse who can guide you in the right direction. 

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